Where it all began

A story of travel and falling in love

Let's start from the beginning

My husband and I both grew up going on regular camping holidays. It was always so much fun, getting out of the four walls of a building, cooking outside, gazing at the stars late into the night and sitting around a fire telling stories. It’s so liberating, and there is nothing that compares. However, after discovering glamping and realising I could have all the fun of camping without the air mattress and sleeping bag, I was hooked!

The first time I got to experience glamping was in the Maasai Mara in Kenya, a small canvas hotel located on the edge of the national park, and I fell in love! It was the coolest place I had ever stayed and the only accommodation I still vividly remember from my travels. Booking accommodation had always been a necessity, but I realised it could also be an amazing experience and I wanted to re-create that feeling I had in Kenya, back here in New Zealand as much as I could.

So in 2015, recently married and overflowing with ideas, we started our glamping business. Over the years we experimented with different types of tents and sourced gorgeous furniture that we could easily transport all over the country for any event, and now have a premium package to offer. We grew organically, and over the years, we have had the pleasure of hosting thousands of people who have loved every moment of their experience. It’s been such a joy to see the smiles on everyone’s faces as they see their camp for the first time and completely humbling to read their reviews. We are just so delighted to share our love for glamping with everyone who comes through our door.

Since starting we have set up some very remote corporate events, hosted wedding guests in the backcountry, and stylised cute little romantic escapes and hen’s partiesenabling us to travel to some outstanding places. We love adventure and as self-proclaimed experts in the glamping industry, if someone has a crazy idea of where they want to go glamping, we love working with them to make it happen.

We want to create something sensational which will live on in the minds of those who experience it, long after it’s over. We hope you get the chance to experience its magic too!

Thank you for supporting our dream, to make your magical event a reality.

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